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  • Freestanding Kitchen Furniture

Freestanding Kitchens

Our choice of freestanding cabinetry provides the ultimate in flexibility and variety. The decision to opt for a few stand alone cabinets amongst the more fitted areas opens the door to bringing in a fresh element to your kitchen. An additional complimentary colour choice, a change in design or maybe a piece in natural oiled wood can break up the fitted look whilst keeping the harmony, general flow and style of the integral kitchen.

Whilst offering an informal area to dine our Island can also hide away the less visually pleasing items such as, dishwashers, ovens, bins, waste disposals and many, many more. The lovely larder cabinet can be crammed to the hilt with all your pantry goods, it’s a regular food Tardis, whilst our Dresser gives you plenty of opportunity to show off your special bits and bobs and offers plenty of concealed storage too.